Visual Arts at Loker Elementary School

Art classes often begin with a moment to observe the world around us and share what we see. Children explain what is outside the classroom windows – changing seasons, shifting light, and fluctuating weather. They observe and describe a painting or a picture in an illustrated book. They figure out if an image tells a story or shares a message. These conversations allow young minds to look at and talk about art. They build awareness of art in their everyday lives.

Then, we make art! Projects are designed to nurture and expand each student’s creative abilities, which include problem solving, thoughtful decision-making, visual awareness, and open-ended answers. Ultimately, they are motivated by the magic of making something from nothing.

Curriculum Goals
    •   Project Based Learning
    •   Personal Expression
    •   Curiosity, Imagination and Confidence
    •   Open-Ended Answers
    •   Visual Arts Language
    •   Materials and Techniques
    •   Care of Supplies and Space
    •   Visual Literacy
    •   Careful Observation
    •   Thoughtful Decision-Making
    •   Problem Solving
    •   Aesthetic Awareness
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