Physical Education


The focus of the  physical education program at Loker School is on gross motor development, as well as gaining an understanding for movement concepts. Along with gaining general physical knowledge the students will also begin to receive some instruction on skill development.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Spatial awareness:

o   Pathways

o   Self-space

o   General space

o   Fast and slow

  • Locomotor Movements

o   Running

o   Walking

o   Skipping

o   Jumping

o   Hopping

  • Basketball Skills

o   Dribbling

o   Shooting

o   Passing

  • Gymnastics

o   Rolling

o   Balancing

o   Weight transfer

o   Around, over/under

  • Dance

o   Rhythm

o   Interpreting music to movement

o   Heavy and light

  • Soccer Skills

o   Controlling a ball with the feet

o   Being able to dribble while looking up

o   Shooting

  • Games

o   How to follow rules

o   How to work with others

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