Homework Guidelines


Elementary School Homework Philosophy

• In Wayland, time spent on homework should be balanced with the importance of personal and family well-being, and the wide array of family obligations experienced in our society today.

• Educators and parents share one common goal-to help each student in our schools be successful. Each group plays an important role in student achievement. Students learn best when they, their parents, and their schools work together.

Purpose and Types of Homework:
Practice: The student refines and strengthens skills previously taught in class through repetition of simple applications, reading and writing.
Preparation: The completion of this type of assignment makes future lessons more meaningful. Reading and familiarization with facts and ideas characterize this type of homework.

Extension: This is the application of skills and concepts that requires higher level thinking skills and problem solving.

Grades 3, 4 and 5:
Integration: Successful completion of the assignment requires coordinating and combining skills and 

 Grade 1 Total time 15-25 minutes, including reading, Monday - Thursday 
 Grade 2  Total time 20-30 minutes, including reading, Monday - Thursday
 Grade 3  Total time 30-45 minutes, including reading, Monday - Thursday
 Grade 4  Total time 30-45 minutes, including reading, Monday - Thursday
 Grade 5  Total time 45-60 minutes, including reading, Monday - Thursday

• Reading also includes having adults reading to children. 
• Students should be encouraged to read on weekends and vacations

Tips for Parents:
• Praise, reassure and motivate your child to persevere. Homework should never be used as a punishment 
• Check your child’s assignment notebook, folder or website nightly 
• Provide a time, place and supplies to do homework assignments with limited interruptions 
• Support your child and provide assistance, without doing the work for them 
• Oversee completion of long-term assignments to assist in understanding time management 
• Contact the teacher with questions or concerns, especially if your child needs more time or support to complete assignments. 
• In addition, enrichment activities are readily available on the school website.

Tips for Students:
• Always put forth your best effort. 
• Understand assignments clearly before leaving class 
• Bring home the proper materials to complete the assignments 
• Talk with your parents and teacher if you have problems with homework 
• Budget time properly for long-term assignments 
• Complete any work missed due to absence from class 
• Utilize classmates and/or class websites if available for assignment information

In our elementary schools our goal is to make students aware that learning occurs in school, at home and in the world around them. Homework should be the result of collaborative efforts, thoughtfully considered and coordinated to improve student learning. We strongly encourage that students and/or parents consult with the classroom teacher as soon as possible when there are questions regarding homework. We strive to make this a positive experience for our students.

(These Guidelines are a compilation of excerpts and ideas from the following Homework Guidelines/Policies: Wayland; Sudbury; Newton; Arlington; Medfield; Braintree; Hudson; Wellesley; Shrewsbury; Frederick County, Virginia; California Public School State Standards; Highlands, New Jersey)

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